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I've been on social media for a long time. More than a decade now, actually. Before then, I was very active on forums, even running several of my own for a while. The act of writing for a "community" in whichever guise that manifests, taks its toll on a person's individuality. And you really are writing for the community when posts aren't private and feedback is immediate, often in visceral heat.

"Who am I" ceases to be a parody question and becomes a genuine source of existential dread. Your expressions seek shelter from ridicule and wrath before the first keystroke. No Man is an Island, but there are limits to how many branches of validity you may wish to graft onto yourself before the osmosis of angst becomes overwhelming to your roots.

I'm stepping away from social media and back to this journal for a while. I don't know for how long I'll be away or even if I'll be be back there, but it's a badly needed respite from the performance.