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Dramatization of a Man and a Woman

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I've been a huge fan of the Cowboy Bebop anime since high school. The first ime I saw it was on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, here in the U.S., and I was just old enough to stay up without succumbing to sleep. It was also around the time MTV's AMP as just teetering out and I needed something else to hold my interest for an hour.

The soundtrack for the anime was amazing to say the least. One of my favorite tracks is Autumn in Ganymede. There's an audio excerpt in English mixed in at one point that only adds to the pulp ambiance.

The dramatized study of a man and a woman whose dreams and fantasies take on a life and a power of their own

I've been looking everywhere for the source for this until I finally came across it on a review for Japanese import CD on Amazon called MAX: Emotional History. The reviewer mentions the movie is from a sexploitation movie called Mondo Keyhole from 1966. The anime track also combines another quote from the movie The Brain From Planet Arous from 1957, which I found from a Reddit thread.

...impervious to our bullets. If it's blown up, its cells will regenerate and multiply and it'll still be alive!

For some reason, this combination of samples go so well together over the bass.