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Why the Cold

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I couldn't feel my fingers or face for a while. My speech was starting to slur. I had stopped shivering. My teeth and my bones were aching. It was the best night I had in a long time.

There was a winter weather front sweeping through most of the country and it had just passed over New York a little while ago. I was still on my way home when my ride got stuck and we all had to walk for a bit. Everyone else was pretty upset, but I didn't mind. We're about to get another storm soon.

Something about the extreme cold always had an appeal to me even before I saw my first snowfall. It was during bad weather in general that I felt at ease the most. Although, when I was young, I hated thunder and lightning. It wasn't until I was 11 or 12 when I really started liking thunderstorms and, later on, snow storms.

Any time I get excited over a weather forecast, it's because we're about to get hit with lots of snow, torrential rain, thunderstorms, ice storms, heavy winds or some combination of all. It's like I need Earth to threaten me on a daily basis.

My second most favorite thing about awful weather is the feeling of getting indoors and drying off again. I wish I could experience borderline hypothermia all the time, just so I can feel the sensation of getting warm and dry over and over again. Until fairly recently, I didn't really understand why.

Warmth has no meaning without the cold.