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I came across the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton completely by accident years ago while browsing the then midly popular Freenet distributed network. There was a fansite dedicated to the charachters, their bios, and ancillary information about the universe. I lost interest in Freenet fairly quickly because of the unsavory content on other "freesites" and glacially slow speeds, but Anita Blake remained.

It's the book series that has intrigued me the most that I haven't actually read.

I have a vague understanding of the main characters, creatures, their histories, abilities, and generally what happens to most of them. But that all came from peeking into profiles written by others. Maybe the volume of original content is keeping me from starting. This is a problem I share with *A Song of Ice and Fire*, I.E. Game of Thrones.

Supernatural and science fiction themes in always seem to fascinate me, whether that's in literature or other artforms. I think I'm trying to satiate myself with the most different realities possible to our current one. A saturated segment for content, which makes sifting through it all the more daunting.

One of these days I'm actually going to sit down and read the damn things. I have a habit of injesting the books I read a little too strongly, almost to the point of becoming one of the characters. Those include the books I've absorbed in trickles through web osmosis. I don't hope to raise the dead any time soon, but the prospect of a DIY lab to hack DNA in the cabin intrigues me.

When I first came across the Anita Blake series, my formerly teenage angst was still fresh in my mind since, back then, I had only recently stopped pretending I was one of those deaf-mutes. I'm now steadily turning into an old man and fighting sharks has left me exhausted.

I don't know if the Anita Blake freesite is still active and I don't remember any addresses or admin contact info to find out. I haven't used Freenet in a very long time. Seemingly immortal content on the Internet have weaknesses, just like vampires.