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Time Flies as I Keep Running

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I think maybe my internal clock is slowing down. Or I'm having to register more ticks per hour to keep up with everyone else's clocks. I was supposed to start making soap and furniture a while ago, but the day job prevented the night fantasies from finding sunrise. That was several years ago and things haven't been proceeding as quickly as I had initially hoped.

The good news is that all the individual bits of functional knowledge I've accumulated over the years have all been incredibly useful. I'm mostly confident that I'll have fewer hiccups when my personal projects finally see fruition.

I don't think I would have been able to approach even a quarter of what I need to do with the knowledge I had just a few years ago. I've gotten better at playing fetch with my notes. Those words and scribbles had a habit of running off into the corners of my shelves when let off the practice leash. Now I've finally caged most of them in memory.

Living in an apartment hasn't made learning to work with my hands any easier. I do have to pay attention to the noise levels whenever I try to fiddle with my woodworking equipment. I love my neighbors and I'd rather they stay on good terms with me. Space is the second issue, especially since New York is getting even more expensive.

With a few notes the table saw, a few more with the circular saw, and a blip or two with the planes, I'm actually becoming more and more competent with making simple household furniture. I don't know if I can make a living making them yet, but it's an option in addition to making soap. There does seem to be an interest in utilitarian furniture made of solid wood instead of compressed sawdust.

I'm very glad I got these tools on eBay when they were sold by a contractor. With my plan to wind down the day job, I don't think I could have afforded them brand new.

I've gained a sense of satisfaction in taking my time that I hadn't noticed before; I'm not on edge when arbritary milestones are getting close as I did before. The world went racing by, and that's OK, because I have the rest of my life to get where I need to be.