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Approaching My Favorite Season

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It's almost that time of the year for the leaves to start changing and temperatures to drop to tolerable levels. This is my second favorite season after winter. I had started to lose my love of the changing seasons with adulthood and I think I'm only now regaining its intensity. I'm not exactly sure why now, but maybe I've been taking life less seriously and appreciating its absurdities in amazement. Especially in the last year.

It's hard to go solo without being acutely aware of how all the infastructure I rely on is supported by countless people toiling away. My old mailman retired recently and it's been affecting me a lot more than I realized at the time. I genuinely miss the guy. I no longer live in that neighborhood, since moving to the apartment, but for some reason, I always expected him to be delivering mail. I wish him and his family well.

Monotony of work seems to have reduced my perceptions, where things are the way they are forever. I'm glad I've been I've been slowly winding down my responsibilities so I may resume consciousness.

I've been trying to minimize my reliance on that infastructure as much as possible while staying within sane limits. I'm probably not going to be building my own cars, airplanes, roads, and bridges any time soon. But I'll probably try my hand at more mechanisms that can replace them as much as possible.

Winter gardening is something I've always wanted to try. Fall/Autumn is already ideal to test some ideas before the snow starts and the office has a balcony that I'm sure I can borrow for a bit. My previous experience is in growing tomatoes and bell peppers, which seemed to like my treatment so far.

My immediate concern now is getting the wood stove design in order. I've been practicing welding a lot more and I think I like it almost as much as carpentry. It's a lot more difficult than I first assumed and that's incredibly pleasing to me. My keyboard-accustomed fingers are rejoicing at the texture of flux-covered electrodes. Living in an apartment has reduced my access to it more than I like, but I'm still grateful for the opportunity to weld whenever I can.

I may pursue making or repairing things as a second source of income once the day job is finally done. Meanwhile, I've been working on the cabin design as well. Ideally, I want to create both as a unified package for everyone to download freely.