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Home for the Holidays

2 min read

I made it back to my apartment just in time for Thanksgiving this year. Of course, the holidays will be spent with my roommate and neighbors so it's a pretty standard affair. I look forward to my neighbor's delicious pies this year too. I have to learn how to make these myself sometime. I hope I can get the recipe.

I did manage to drop by the office before coming home and setup the webcam this time so I can catch the first snowfall from there before it gets to my place. There's a better view from the rear window than from my apartment so I'm hoping it will stay running for as long as possible. I uploaded the script I used to take the snapshots to Github.

I don't have enough resources on that machine to do live streaming, and I didn't want to abuse the bandwidth so it's only set to take a photo every 5 minutes. Some day, I do want to setup a live cam of cabin life, if that's feasible.

I've been meaning to get my reading list in order for a while, but didn't get a chance yet. I'd like to share which books I'll be taking to the cabin for the first night's read. I have plans for a separate structure for the library or reading room so it would be nice to take a few from the collection before the rest of the books arrive.