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End of Summer

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This was the most interesting launch after a new coat of hull paint in quite some time. The "Return to Normal" was anything but, although some folks in my immediate sphere seem to think so. I'm generally apprehensive of both doom and gloom and unmitigated optimism and I'm looking forward to neither expectation quite panning out the way they think.

Most of past Spring and this Summer was spent getting my affairs back on track. Because I spent a significant chunk of time last year and early this year relying only on my savings, I'm slowly recuperating from that shark bite. The scars will remain for quite some time, but I'm reasonably confident I can now maintain the mortgage payments for my apartment at least until the winter. I'll slowly be rebuilding my savings, as circumstances allow, in the following years.

I've been planning a career shift in the last few months, but I don't know when I'll be able to tack into that wind. I'll try to keep the maps as accurate as possible in the meantime.

There are still cabin designs happening in the background and I don't want to drift too far from my goals, currents of life be damned.