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It's just before 9AM on Sunday as I'm writing this. As I was preparing for cabin life in the before times, I kept looking at what measures I can take against Mother Nature in a small structure. I realized the question was framed with the wrong premise; Anything against nature is doomed to fail, given enough events and years. All defenses are transient and working with nature whenever possible is the more effective approach.

Tropical Storm Henri is about to make landfall in New York and I'm excited and concerned. The concern is for those without the luxury of shelter or a backup plan. Excited because I'm weird.

I'm taking a brief set of measurements while it's safe to do so on some materials I have left exposed for several months on the balcony of my apartment. They're tied down to prevent them from turning into missiles. I'm interested in finalizing the design for my windows of the cabin and support shelters. I will most likely be making them on my own for better control of the quality, aesthetics, and a sense of satisfaction. Actual construction is a long way off, but there's never a bad time to record data.

We'll see how any of this holds up in the real world.