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On a scale of perceived horribleness, between luxury and dysentery, travelling is actually magnificient these days. Which is probably why scurrying across the country on short notice and being held against my will was only marginally contested by most of my colleages.

I'm available for hire.

If anyone wants a reasonably competent woodsman who can start a campfire in torrential rain or a blizzard, I'm your guy. I'm also good at cooking basic meals, won't complain about having to camp outdoors, and I can even bring my own tent and sleeping bag. I'm a tad directionally challenged, but I can read maps reasonably well, I know how to use a compass (this isn't as obvious as most people think it is), and I've successfully navigated at least 50 miles in heavily wooded and rough terrain without GPS.

I'm about to start the second week of a one week trip. I left New York last Tuesday for what I thought was a business trip, but it turned out to be a career-hinging hostage situation. My involuntary, yet comfortable, detention was carefully orchestrated to ensure I couldn't protest until I was in the air.

Now just looking around to expand my horizons beyond what I can see through my empty hotel toilet roll.

Update 11th, 12:45AM:

I've been granted an early reprieve. And just like that, this pointless carbon footprint of an excursion is done and I'm on my way home. I think this was because the powers that be discovered the massacre of brain cells up close was no more significant than when done remotely, however I'd like to imagine someone higher up the food chain came to the realization that all meetings are pointless, considering the inevitable heat death of the universe.

Update 16th:

I just walked into the terminal, more convinced than ever to start my own DIY autogyro venture. There's no way I can do a worse job at transporting myself the length of a year's journey in 1800. And I'll probably have more leg room. The upside is that I have time after dropping off some documents to catch a breather so I'll have more time to write.