Coffee & Cabins

A sprinkling of brain droppings, whisked in the wind.

This is a journal of happenings in my life. I live in southern New York and I talk to computers in strange writing to pay the bills. Rather not do that anymore.

Now seeking a simpler life with just enough technolgy to keep me connected, but not addicted. To preserve my sense of self against the flood of other people's thoughts on what "self" ought to be. These are just some snippets of that journey..

I usually post about cabin life and general topics that catch my interest. Due to the recent events in the world, I've significantly cut back on things until life settles down.

In case I suddenly disappear off the Internet, seemingly without a trace, chances are I'm camping in the woods of upstate New York. That happens rarely now that life has changed quite a lot.

I keep a list of thoughts in a notepad (the dead tree kind) that eventually make it to electronic storage. It takes me a while to parse what I wrote too because I have terrible handwriting. Also, I have terrible spelling and grammar.

Once in a blue moon, I might post a video on YouTube.

My favorite text editor is Mousepad and almost everything you see here was at one point scribbles on it. When I finally move to my cabin in the woods, I plan to bring with me a DIY computer for only taking notes and writing journals. Basically, a glorified typewriter. I'm still in the process of making that happen.

This page is available in Onion Land. You'll need the Tor Browser to access. I keep an index of sorts there as well. And a few things that came to my mind.

This little corner of Onion Land has been seeing increased traffic lately. For some reason, quite a lot of you are fascinated by cabin life, camping, anime, and tech (as anti-tech). A weird mix, but I'm glad I'm not alone.

My usual handle is "cypnk" on most sites. I'm /u/cypnk on Reddit, but I haven't posted much there. There's a /u/RusticCyberpunk on Reddit, but that's not me. I am rusticcyberpunk on Instagram, though I'm not sure I know what I should be posting there since I'm not fashionable or a foodie. I may occassionally abandon social media for long stretches, in which case, you're more likely to find me here.

I can be reached via RusticCyberpunk at Google's email silo or at AOL.

If you're curious about the software powering this site, it's available for free. I write these posts in plain text, formatted sparsely with a tiny subset of Markdown and very minimal HTML.

Feel like supporting me? I'm "cypnk" on Venmo, Cash App, Ko-fi, and Patreon and all that jazz... Also BTC: 3JUbBMHn9wMQxC931JeRXmBWGxKvKAzSB9 or ETH: 0xdC7693E11Ce7B62e8F23Be4BC90d239A41f09d15

Ideally, you could hire me to build you a campfire in the worst storm possible. I have yet to come across a blizzard that I wasn't able to overcome. I'm also familiar with basic carpentry and I'm an OK cook with simple ingredients with experience cooking outdoors.


Webcam from the back of the office. Capture script source