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I've been slowly enveloped by work yet again, desipite my efforts to reduce the load. These have been extenuating circumstances so I've given myself a small pass. Meanwhile, I've been making some changes to the way my blog software runs. I've been experimenting with embedding video from the Internet Archive.

Overall, I'd like to move away from YouTube as a repository for my video content for various reasons, although the primary reason is the capiriciousness in the way it treats takdowns. Someone I know has had their entire channel removed with no justification even though it's full of completely innocuous content. And it was just as arbitarily restored. I don't know how the Archive team handles takedowns, but I can't imagine it being any more silly.

I've toyed with uploading a time lapse I recorded in 2016, however it seems the Archive can only generate previews for .mkv and similar video. Not .mov from the camera. In light of this discovery, I've embedded a documentary I enjoyed from years ago. I hope to upload more as time allows.

Edit: I noticed the embedded video occasionally shows a Google Captcha. Archive seems to think some exit nodes are sources of abuse (possible), in which case I recommend simply renewing your identity instead of helping Google with their machine learning.

Edit2: It appears the embedding did work for my timelaps and I was mistaken that Archive couldn't generate video for .mov files. I believe the issue was that I didn't wait long enough for Archive to generate the video preview. This is great news since I can upload without making conversions.