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Christmas in New York

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It's almost 2AM and I'm on my way back to my apartment. We had the first white Christmas in quite a while. Going for a walk while it's snowing out has been a bit of a ritual for me and I try to get in as many steps in the snow I can each winter. Unfortunately, I didn't quite get a break yesterday, but there was enough of a pause to appreciate it before the rain starts.

The part that strikes me the most each winter is the sheer volume of silence. It's unusual to have this much peace in an automotive war zone. Having moments of silence to appreciate is harder in my neck of the woods.

I look forward to doing more of it when I build my cabin. I've had that last sentence in my mind more frequently lately since, for the first time, the parts of the cabin life plan are finally coming together. It's a slow journey, but I hope to appreciate all the walks in the snow I get to take along the

Merry Christmas!