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Walking Because There is More Room to Walk

2 min read

It's shockingly alluring to wander off sometimes. Something curious happened a few days ago that I hadn't experienced since 2017, around this time of year, while camping. I started walking and kept going until I ran out of space to walk. I'm pretty sure I was lost in thought the first half mile, but then I was walking with nothing in mind at all. I joked later to my friends that this may be some form of early-onset dementia.

While curious and amusing in civilization, this proclivity can be dangerous while camping, especially while alone.

I'm still well within the suburb-city fuzzy boundary of New York so this isn't even in the quiet wooded corners where one could easily walk for a bit without running into someone. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I think some combination of not perceiving barriers and a neutral mood somehow lulled me into walking further than usual. Not working at a high pace with few pauses for the first time in my adult life may finally be showing results.

I didn't have any particular destination in mind. I moved to my apartment years ago and still haven't explored much of my own neighborhood. Because I tend to stick to public transport, I've been only following the familiar paths. I wonder how much of our reality is cordoned off by the constructs of our own infrastructure.

Exploration for the sake of it is something I think I'm lacking in my life. Maybe I've avoided it because obligations kept getting in the way. If I'm lucky enough to afford it, I think I'll settle for a larger plot of land, even if much of it is unbuildable, if I have room to roam and simply exist unmolested.

While I was still on social media, I posted this list of most remote areas in the United States. It was almost a joke, but now I wonder if I should start picking from some of these. I've only truly explored the woods in New York so far and I'd rather stay close to family, relatively speaking, but I'm not opposed to traveling if I have time.